OM Training Creator

Curro Ortiz (1975), creator of OM training, has been involved in the business world from an early age, mostly in the leisure sector.

In 2012, by chance, he began to train Zen with the master Miguel Mochales in his Dojo in Madrid, becoming part of the project to create the Zen Power training, being a partner and co-creator of it for three years.

He began his own journey on his travels to Thailand and India where, on visits to monasteries, he met people and teachers who would dictate a new direction in his life. Thus arose the need to continue to nurture himself in order to perfect and teach his practice.

Since then he has continued to expand his knowledge of the mind, working and sharing long periods of training, workshops and teachings with his great friend, the Tibetan monk Thupten Tendhar, who opens his heart and understanding to his Buddha mind, being this knowledge applied to the training and philosophy of OM training practice.

This learning is completed by the teachings of another of his teachers, Lama Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, with concepts such as the realisation of love, humility, equanimity, devotion, the integration of the inner fire and its transmutation processes and Guru Yoga. It is this teacher who is the precious reflection that generates the motivation for the realisation of a path.

He now regularly gives face-to-face and group OM training workshops in those cities and countries where he is requested to do so. He also conducts online courses and programmes with people living anywhere in the world.

So far her books on OM training are: "Zen for the unenlightened" (2020) and "Clear Light in times of pandemic" (2021), both co-written with Eva Reyes.