High-intensity training

Each training session is structured in 3 phases: aerobics, resilience and meditation. High-impact exercises of short duration achieve maximum efficiency. In addition, energy locks and breath control are used to mobilise energy in a structured way to achieve the desired effect.

The power of intention

People learn by repetition and/or high emotional impact. By combining the two we are accelerating the process of reprogramming our capacities. By performing an intense physical practice while concentrating on an intention, our heart emits a high vibration capable of reprogramming our muscles, our cells and the entire energy system, creating new neural pathways and the experience that gives certainty that this is happening and is real, that we are able to create our own reality.

Mental emptiness / opening the heart

Both Zen and Buddhism are emptiness, emptiness, state of no mind, state of observer, when for an instant you stop your mind, sometimes it is a thousandth of a second, and in that instant the world stops, time stops completely, and you are able to go out to observe yourself, you are able to be present in your body: the mind stops, the heart opens...the energy flows revitalising your whole BEING.

I propose a deep journey, an inner look, where you will see, connect and vibrate with all the strength that comes from the recognition of your mastery. You will connect with the subtlest part of your intuition, where all the information and confidence is. Zen is strength, determination, noble gaze, inner power.

Wu wei, inaction.